Livestock in Dartmoor, one of the national parks in Devon, is being put at risk because of holidaymakers and pleasure seekers who are keen to go out camping, biking and climbing.

This is according to Marion Saunders, chairwoman of the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society, who noted in her foreword to the group’s annual report that that the “recreational overuse” of this part of the country is changing the moorland’s character and having a negative impact on the animals, the Guardian reports.

“Off-road cycling, wild camping, marathon running, rock climbing, tobogganing, the tread of thousands of feet, hang gliding and more all occur on Dartmoor and they push hill farming in to the background,” Ms Saunders continued.

She went on to add that, while some coming to the area may find it a hindrance to have to slow down for s

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