Sheep farmers around the UK will likely be reaching for their shearers after hearing how two Welsh wool producers have succeeded in setting a new record for Nine Hour Two Stand Blade Shearing on Lambs.

According to Farming UK, Gareth Owen and Clive Hamer started their attempt at 05:00 on September 30th at Fernhill farm in Somerset – and they achieved a total of 397 sheep, which worked out an average of 44 sheep an hour.

Mr Owen also succeeded in taking the solo blade title for himself, shearing an incredible 202 sheep. He’s currently a sheep farmer in the Snowdonia National Park and farms more than 1,000 sheep. He first started blade shearing aged just 15 and has competed for Wales, shearing all over the world.

Mr Hamer, meanwhile, works at Hirnant in Elan Valley and shears sheep commercially here and over in New Zealand as well, taking part in shearing competitions on a regular basis.

Speaking after the event, Mr Owen said: “Each year I probably blade shear between 150-200 sheep, usually those which have strayed. The shears are light to carry and, depending on the breed, size, and condition, you can usually shear a sheep in about two to three minutes.”

There are all sorts of sheep shearing competitions going on throughout the year if you’re interested in giving it a go yourself. Check out the British Wool website to find out more about what’s going on in your local area and elsewhere around the UK.

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