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Bovimint Blue Udder Spray

Bovimint Blue Udder Spray

CALCI P+ Drench for Dairy Cows and Breeding Ewes

CALCI P+ Drench for Dairy Cows and Breeding Ewes


High quality natural colostrums feed supplement. Easy-to-mix formulation providing newborn calves the best start to life. Directions: In a clean container, mix 200gms powder (4 level measures) with 500ml warm water . Shake well to mix. Make up to I litre with warm water and mix well again before use.

Feed this I litre to the calf as soon as possible within the first 5 hours of life.

After mixing, the product may be stored in a vacuum flask or similar clean container for up to 24 hours. Can be repeated as an energy source within 24 hours if necessary. Pack: 1kg / 5 feeds

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Pack Size 1kg
Unit Cost/ Number Of Feeds £9.50/feed 5 feeds
Intended For Calves
Administration Rates Calves 200gms mixed with water
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