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A multi purpose concentrated oral drench containing Vitamins, Selenium and Cobalt. Administration varies from Lambs: 5ml. Cattle/Horses 100ml.

Can be taken orally, in feed or via drinking water. Recommended at monthly intervals. Pack: 2.5ltrs flexipak.

Pack Size 2.5 litres flexi
Unit Cost/ Number Of Feeds Adult Horses c. 125 Feeds @ 63.2p/feed, Sheep c, 100 Feeds 79p/feed, Lambsc. 500 feeds @ 15p/feed
Intended For Cattle, Horses, Sheep
Administration Rates Cows 100ml. Calves 50ml. Sheep 25ml.Lambs 5ml. Adult horses 15-25ml. Yearlings 10ml. Foals 5ml. Monthly.
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